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Are You a HIPAA Master?

If you are responsible for HIPAA in your organization, join the elite leaders who have taken and mastered the material in this course. Become the HIPAA expert in your group, practice, or company. Become a HIPAA Master.

Fully Updated with The HIPAA Final Rule

Our HIPAA Masters© course is our highest level of training and our most comprehensive HIPAA course. Distinguish yourself from your peers, satisfy HIPAA's compliance requirements, and prepare yourself to manage HIPAA successfully with HIPAA Masters© online training. Totally updated and fully revised with the HIPAA Final Rule changes, this course emphasizes practical, working knowledge to assure compliance and help you avoid costly violations.

Perfect for Management, Leadership, and I.T. Professionals

HIPAA Masters© online training empowers your leaders with knowledge. Compliance Officers should take this course because they are expected to be the primary HIPAA-HITECH knowledge resource in regulated entities. I.T. professionals should take this course because nearly every aspect of HIPAA and HITECH compliance requires I.T. support - from basic compliance, to breach management and notification, to medical and compliance-records management. HIPAA Masters know what HIPAA requires; and they understand what to do to avoid violations and maintain compliance over the long-term.

All Learners Receive a Certificate and a Free Awareness Tool

Every learner who completes the course and quiz earns a beautiful, customized Certificate of Completion with their name, date, course title, and organization name. Learners can print, save, and even email their Certificate from inside the training system. And every Certificate also includes a free copy of HIPAA Group's exclusive "HIPAA Awareness Card", summarizing HIPAA's core do's and dont's in a handy, card-sized format. Great training plus long-term awareness is exactly what every HIPAA-regulated entity needs.

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